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Why pay an auction house a 10% buyer’s fee, up to a 10% seller’s fee, and other listing fees? Why pay a broker or an auto dealer up to 10% to sell your cars? What value did paying these fees offer? Are you more confident about your purchase after paying all these fees? Was all of the information given entirely accurate? Or were many of your questions left unanswered? Or worse yet, answered incorrectly? Most enthusiasts and collectors have been burned at some point. Our mission is to facilitate a fully transparent exchange of collectible cars. Acquiring with confidence and without regrets.

Private Collections of NOVA was founded by a car enthusiast and collector for other enthusiasts and collectors. We are not an automotive dealer, auctioneer, or broker. We exist to facilitate the introduction of collectors and showcase their passion for collectible automobiles. The cars showcased on our website belong to members that believe in the honest representation of their cars and the enjoyment of finding like-minded collectors who enjoy trading and selling their passions with full transparency. All vehicles go through a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) by reputable and experienced specialists prior to exchanging hands.

Enjoy browsing the passions cherished by our members and enjoy the no-regrets process of finding your next passion.

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